The Absurdity of the Trump’s Nobel Nomination

The idea of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Donald Trump, a man who just this year utilized Twitter to ramp up a nuclear arms race, should be beyond ludicrous. Except it isn’t — and the Nobel Committee has no one to blame but itself.

Trump has built his political base on xenophobia, discriminatory rhetoric and impulse decisions.

Despite all the optimism seeping from the White House, the “No-bel!” chanting and accolades from world leaders, very few experts believe there’s a possibility that Kim would ever agree to complete nuclear disarmament.

President Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize – for his tireless work to “end the Korean War, denuclearize the Korean peninsula and bring peace to the region.”
Since 1901, the Nobel Peace Prize has awarded both individuals and organizations that “have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations.” This includes the removal or reduction of standing armies and the overall promotion of peace. Do Trump’s policies and reputation meet these requirements?

A Trump Nobel Prize – Actions Should Speak Louder than Words

Rather than show patience with North Korea by providing aid in hopes of fulfilling promises, President Trump has instead towed a hard line towards the Kim regime.

The Trump Administration, particularly General James Mattis, has focused in on the terror group ISIS since inauguration.

While President Trump’s bombastic style and confrontational approach to many issues is off-putting to media and even foreign leaders, the Prize considers what has been done, not what has been said.