The free-willed exchange of ideas is one of the building blocks of a prosperous society. With public discourse becoming increasingly hostile and reduced to partisan squabbling, and social networks confining their users to ideological echo chambers, many politically engaged individuals have started to avoid these spaces, and choose to remain silent instead.

Left Right Center cuts through the noise of traditional online discussions by providing a platform that allows you to speak your mind openly, in a community that respects differences of opinion and always seeks to produce arguments based on reason.

At LRC, you can make use of your knowledge to engage in intelligent debate, with members of a worldwide community with a plethora of different perspectives — so you can make your own decisions on how you stand on the most important issues in the world.

We created this project because we truly believe that intellectual curiosity and honest, respectful conversation are the basis for the political and social advancement of any society.

We provide the most important facts, followed by a space that encourages a thought-provoking debate, because truly good ideas emerge from a positive exchange of opinions.

Welcome to Left Right Center. Select the topic of your preference, and join the discussion here!