Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy demonstrates how your privacy is important to us. The aim of such policy is to inform the reader on how information is gathered and, in exceptional circumstances, divulged.

When visiting and using Left Right Center’s services, you accept both Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

Which information is collected

When our Services are used, whether as a Registered User or simply as a Visitor, information is collected and processed. We collect:

  • Personal Information: this includes contact information, such as email address, phone number, physical address, your full name and financial account information.
  • Non-Personal Information: When you use the website, third party services may collect non-personal information such as your IP address, server logs, cookies and other technology used during browsing. Cookies enable the user to maintain its online session. Be aware that this does NOT entail data scraping or extracting personal information provided or not. It is important to note that we use Cookies to collect information regarding the User and Visitor’s preferences with the services they have selected.
  • Statistical Information: By using our Services, statistical data may be collected for general informative purposes to the Registered Users and Visitors.

How your information is protected

When using Left Right Center, as abovementioned, we collect and store specific information. Left Right Center will not share any sensitive information provided with any other entity, unless stated otherwise within this Policy.

Information such as geographical localization, your email address and, if needed, your mobile phone number will be used strictly for business purposes such as informing the potential client of your whereabouts, SMS ID identification and personally contacting you via email.

Furthermore, by reading and registering to this website with your email, you agree that we use your personal information to guide you and suggest you services and personalised marketing offers.

How your information might be shared

Please understand that we disclose sensitive information in light of inappropriate or damaging behaviour such as attempting, enticing or executing the breach of an individual’s safety, property or rights.

Be aware that in these cases sensitive information will be disclosed in accordance with the relevant legislation and its authorities.

We may disclose your personal information to our suppliers and service providers for services partly abovementioned. We will ensure that the recipients of your personal information do not breach privacy obligations regarding your information.

Furthermore, information may be disclosed upon a business transition, particularly during a sale or transfer of assets.

Finally, collective data may be shared with other third parties and advertisers. We do guarantee a safety encryption system during the transaction process and data exchange.

How your information is stored

We use (insert hosting provider service), therefore storing your provided information to servers with the guarantee of information control.

In order to safeguard your information and data, we employ the use of security measures such as firewalls, data encryption and access controls.

Profile Access and Updates

You can update your Account Information by accessing your account profile settings. In case of deletion, this can be done at any moment at your discretion; please understand that it may take some time to fully delete your profile, we apologize in advance.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to subject this Privacy Policy to changes at any given time.

In the event of changes in terms of the policy, the users will not necessarily be notified, therefore, we are discharged of any responsibilities

Enquiries & Contact Information

Should you have any enquiries or would like to report anything, you can reach us here.