The ‘Roseanne’ Reboot Isn’t Really a Win for Trump, but It Can Teach Americans about America

Few shows from Hollywood have delighted conservatives in America more than the recent “Roseanne” reboot on ABC. Returning to the broadcast network 20 years after its cancellation in 1997, the family-oriented sitcom is being heralded for shining a light on conservative views in an overwhelmingly liberal television landscape.

Why the ‘Stormy Show’ Needs to End

The Trump presidency has been riddled with one scandal after another, especially if you let the media tell it. From missing tax returns and multiple staff firings, to racist comments and the alleged Russia collusion, there are plenty of ordeals to point to when questioning if Trump is fit for presidency, but nothing has commanded our attention more so than his personal affairs. For more than two months, the news media has been fixated on Donald Trump’s sex life.

It’s Time to Stop Telling Entertainers to ‘Shut Up and Sing’

Art has a history of being heavily influenced by political and social change. For decades, entertainers have captured the pulse of culture through their music and art, and commented on current events through their award show speeches and television appearances. Many famous people have also acknowledged that they are not just entertainers, relegated to speaking exclusively through and about their art — they are, in fact, public citizens, with the right and responsibility to participate in social discourse. From “We Are The World” to Rock The Vote, celebrities have often chosen to use their prominent platforms to directly address political issues or advocate for various causes.

Streaming is the New Normal – And The Entertainment Industry Needs to Embrace It

Streaming services are showing their strength and scope in announcing several power plays for growth and expansion this year. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon and Spotify continue to flex their muscles in competition with traditional entertainment mediums, signaling a new necessity for the industries to either adapt to the dominance of internet-based services, or face being lost in the shuffle.

#OscarsSoWhat: Are the Academy Awards Still Relevant?

The dust is slowly settling after this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, the first one to give way to a bit of self-reflection this year, as Hollywood continues to deal with its public problems of sexual harassment, gender parity and diversity. Kimmel anchored the nearly 4-hour telecast with a few light jokes about the serious subject matter, only occasionally mentioning the ongoing #MeToo movement and disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein.