Can Strict EU Data Laws Shield Voters from Tailored Political Campaigns?

The scandal surrounding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica once again raised serious concerns about data security and the legitimacy of political campaign practices. In the midst of heated discussion and requests for something to be done, the greatest question remains whether any law or political initiative has the capacity to effectively curb the power of data and social media companies.

Russian Double Agent’s Death Reveals Britain’s Post-Brexit Diplomatic Vulnerability

While the Skripal case is still shrouded in mystery, its aftermath has rallied Britain behind the prime minister Theresa May, whose mandate has been rocky and controversial ever since Brexit took off in 2016. Although the scandal might lead to more pro-EU politics in the country, leaving PM with wider maneuvering space in domestic political arena, it is also setting up a new trap for troubled British leader, exposing the UK’s diplomatic weakness on the international scene.