Does Theresa May’s New Cabinet Look like the Country It’s Serving?

Day two of May’s cabinet reshuffle certainly went smoother than the first, and the objectives that May arguably failed to achieve in part one of her cabinet reshuffle have come much closer to fruition by its conclusion. Though the headlines will likely be dominated by coverage of the major cabinet changes and various trivialities, the importance of certain moves at both the cabinet and junior levels will go largely overlooked.

Critical Infrastructure – the Big Cyber Threat of 2018

2017 saw some of the most sensational and devastating cyberattacks in history. From the Equifax breach, widely considered the most devastating cyberattack in history, to the Bad Rabbit ransomware epidemic, hackers have diversified their tactics and capitalized on a wide spectrum of vulnerabilities to wreak havoc on whole industries. While all kinds of organizations, from…

As She Navigates First Round of Brexit Successfully, Can Theresa May Breathe Sigh of Relief?

Despite a number of earlier setbacks and a worrying standoff with the DUP last Monday, Theresa May’s government has completed the first phase of Brexit negotiations with the EU, allowing the deal to be signed off at the European Council summit this week, meaning that negotiations on the future relationship between the EU and UK can begin in the new year.

Serbia—An Autocracy Blessed by EU and Russia

As thousands of young people are flooding the streets of major cities to show their dissatisfaction with the results of presidential elections in Serbia, European Union officials were quick to rejoice and congratulate the winner, prime-minister-turned-president Aleksandar Vučić, hailing him as the “factor of stability in the Balkans” and the assurance of a pro-European road.