Middle East

US-led Coalition Strikes on Syria Are about Boundaries, Not Bravado

The longstanding civil war in Syria between Bashar al-Assad and rebel forces, which has featured chemical weapon attacks, ISIS participation, and Russian involvement, continues to draw in external actors. In light of the U.S. response, however, critical questions remain as to the extent of American (and indeed, global) involvement in the region.

Why Palestinian Authority Won’t Stop Paying the Terrorists

Days after Trump approved further cuts to foreign aid for the Palestinian Authority over the practice of paying a salary to terrorists and families of slain assailants, Ramallah announced an allocation of $355 million for the cause in 2018 — an $8 million increase over last year. This amount constitutes a significant portion of the PA’s yearly budget, which stands at $4.76 billion for 2018.

UNRWA Cuts May Be a Good Tactic, but They Are Part of a Doomed Strategy

The United States announced this week that it was withholding $65 million of a $125 million aid package for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), demanding that Palestinians return to the negotiating table. The move was prompted by the Palestinian Authority’s dismissal of Washington’s role in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process after U.S. president Donald Trump declared disputed Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state.

Critical Infrastructure – the Big Cyber Threat of 2018

2017 saw some of the most sensational and devastating cyberattacks in history. From the Equifax breach, widely considered the most devastating cyberattack in history, to the Bad Rabbit ransomware epidemic, hackers have diversified their tactics and capitalized on a wide spectrum of vulnerabilities to wreak havoc on whole industries. While all kinds of organizations, from…

Syria in 2017: If Obama Betrayed Syrians, Trump Is Betraying Kurds — to Washington’s Own Detriment

In 2017, for the most part, the Middle East has been a place where Western punditry and gloomy predictions came to die. While analysts and journalists are still trying to hype up the alleged “fallout” from Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, once more, reality is proving them wrong and showing that things change — often at a pace that the international community is not comfortable following.