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Why Shouldn’t America Enforce Its Immigration Laws?

President Trump has directed the National Guard to the southern border. With funds lacking for the border wall, despite a colossal federal budget bill, the move by the Trump team is aimed at deterring illegal border crossings while construction is still nascent. The deployment is not unique, both Presidents Bush and Obama did it – but President Trump’s order faces pushback from California and sanctuary policies meant to undermine federal immigration law.

Deployed Troops Fuel Trump’s Border Narrative

Earlier this month, President Trump signed a memorandum aimed to deploy the National Guard to the southern border. Citing a “drastic surge of illegal activity,” including some of the president’s most irresistible talking points — the threat of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), rampant immigration, opioids flowing into the country — the memo was the latest act in the rather surreal theater of Trump’s immigration policy.

The ‘Roseanne’ Reboot Isn’t Really a Win for Trump, but It Can Teach Americans about America

Few shows from Hollywood have delighted conservatives in America more than the recent “Roseanne” reboot on ABC. Returning to the broadcast network 20 years after its cancellation in 1997, the family-oriented sitcom is being heralded for shining a light on conservative views in an overwhelmingly liberal television landscape.

US-led Coalition Strikes on Syria Are about Boundaries, Not Bravado

The longstanding civil war in Syria between Bashar al-Assad and rebel forces, which has featured chemical weapon attacks, ISIS participation, and Russian involvement, continues to draw in external actors. In light of the U.S. response, however, critical questions remain as to the extent of American (and indeed, global) involvement in the region.

The Eerie and Unknown Impact of Cambridge Analytica’s Microtargeting

The press release began by congratulating the new president-elect on his historic victory. Then came the self-congratulatory pat on the back: “Cambridge Analytica was instrumental in identifying supporters, persuading undecided voters, and driving turnout to the polls.” Chief Executive Officer Alexander Nix lauded his company’s revolutionary approach to data-driven communications. The data analytics firm played up their integral role in ushering Donald Trump into the Oval Office.

Cambridge Analytica and Manipulation – Why We Are Giving the Internet Too Much Credit

Is the Internet manipulating you? You may think so, given Cambridge Analytica, Russian troll farms, Facebook algorithm manipulation, and echo chambers. Each one of these contributes to the broad narrative that individuals are being manipulated through complicated analysis and digital sleight of hand. Each alleged danger is more pernicious than the next. What if the truth behind the power and persuasion of each of these actions is overstated, nonexistent even?