Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has successfully brokered a truce between a coalition of House conservatives and moderates to stave off a discharge petition on immigration. The petition, if granted, would have required a vote on a longstanding issue on the Trump Agenda – immigration. The move by Ryan allows House Republicans the opportunity to gain control of which bills will see a vote next week.

The House will have two bills to vote on. One of the bills reflects the conservative belief in the rule of law. The other position reflects the reality of what compromise on an immigration solution should look like.  While the merits of each bill will almost certainly be misrepresented – after all, media outlets incorrectly used a 2014 detention facility photo to slander the Trump Administration’s handling of immigrant and refugee families – there are merits that need to be earnestly appraised in both of these bills. In evaluating those merits, it’s worth noting that Democrats have already shot down far more generous proposals.

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The Immigration Debate: America’s Stance on Strict Border Policy