The Trump presidency has been riddled with one scandal after another, especially if you let the media tell it. From missing tax returns and multiple staff firings, to racist comments and the alleged Russia collusion, there are plenty of ordeals to point to when questioning if Trump is fit for presidency, but nothing has commanded our attention more so than his personal affairs. For more than two months, the news media has been fixated on Donald Trump’s sex life.

The president’s alleged past affairs with adult film star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal have gotten more screen time than they probably deserve. The salacious stories of each alleged tryst have splattered across international tabloids, revealing every disturbing detail, from Trump being spanked, to his making comparisons to daughter Ivanka. Both Daniels and McDougal have done the media rounds – including appearances on cable news networks and late night shows. Daniels recently headlined a CBS “60 Minutes” interview – which resulted in 22.1 million viewers tuning in, the highest ratings for the network staple in 10 years, according to Nielsen data.

The media has exhausted its “Porn Star and the President” headlines as the news cycle continues to churn out opinion after opinion on Trump’s moral standing. But let’s be clear – this is a man that multiple women have accused of sexual harassment. He has been recorded saying he likes to grab women “by the pussy”, and has publicly supported an alleged ephebophile (Roy Moore) and domestic abuser (Rob Porter).

The question isn’t whether or not Trump is guilty of cheating on wife Melania with these women and others, it’s why the media is giving more attention to the details of his affairs rather than the relevance of them in relation to his presidency. You know, the reason we actually need to know. Daniels and McDougal have become familiar faces and names, but their stories – while scandalous and entertaining – have so far amounted to very little.