The circus around the withdrawal of Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson’s consideration for secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is just the latest in a comedy of errors at the highest levels of United States Government.

Out of 642 posts requiring Senate confirmation, only 277 confirmation votes have left the chamber, with a backlog of 216 positions remaining. Delays in the Senate come from a multitude of directions, including failure of the Trump Administration to adequately vet nominees, however, the lion’s share of blame for these delays lay at the feet of Senate Democrats and their leader, Chuck Schumer.

The character assassination of Rear Admiral Jackson was thorough and well-crafted. Democratic Senator John Tester (D-MT) released a list of anonymously sourced allegations against Rear Admiral Jackson. Allegations include slanders such as drunkenness on the job, wrecking a government vehicle, prescription medication abuse, and creating a toxic work environment. These allegations, if true, are incredibly germane to whether a nominee would be fit for a Cabinet position, of course. The issue, though, is that these allegations were unfounded slander.

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Trump Nominees Confirmation Slowdown – Legitimate Procedure or Destructive Partisanship?