The Inspector General’s probe into James Comey’s handling of the Clinton email and Russia investigation highlights one thing: Washington’s bureaucratic self-preservation mechanism. The report’s failure to comprehensively or cohesively make a logical narrative argument, let alone a reasonable conclusion from the facts presented, raises sincere doubts as to its intent. The 568 page report is a meandering foray into sophistry,  artfully crafted to provide exoneration while sidestepping the real issues – complete dereliction of duty, disparate treatment based on political affiliation, and deviations from FBI protocol without cause.

The report concludes that the FBI showed no bias in its handling of the Clinton email investigation. It arrives at this conclusion by evaluating specific instances of alleged bias in the investigatory process and concluding that the presence of bias was either immaterial or acknowledged and controlled for. This must mean that the Inspector General’s report leaves no room for debate on the matter, there was bias but it wasn’t active bias. Right? This is the magic of sophistry.