As the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller penetrates deeper into the inner circle of President Donald Trump, fresh opposition to the investigation—and conflicting official statements—have once again erupted from the White House.

After a week which included Republican allegations of partisan bias in Mueller’s probe, uproar over controversially obtained transition team emails and a House Judiciary Committee grilling of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a whirlwind of speculation emanated from The Hill—namely, that the firing of Mueller could be in short order.

This rumor was quickly tamped down by both the President’s private lawyers and official White House sources, who are seeking to avoid increasingly salient parallels to the doomed presidency of Richard Nixon.

Though the comparison is neither new nor novel, the political arcs and behavioral similarities between Nixon and Trump have seen unbelievable overlap recently—no doubt exacerbated by the political investigations that beleaguered both men. Both bully-pulpit presidents have spun a world where shadowy enemies abound in every corner.


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